Masterly - The Dutch in Milano

Typography & Print Design

Masterly the Dutch in Milano is the Dutch pavilion during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Together with other students from ArtEZ University of the Arts Zwolle I designed graphic and typographic elements for the event. The designs shown in this project are all proposals I designed. The font used in these proposals was designed by my fellow students. I created the emblem of the ornamental tulip, which was used during the event. The tulip is a one of the national symbols of the Netherlands, it was therefor fitting for this project. I didn't want the tulip to represent our country in a stereotypical way. Therefor I chose to create an ornamental, organic and more abstract tulip using references of antique etchings of tulips. One of the unique characteristics of Masterly the Dutch in Milano is the entanglement of the classical with the modern. The pavilion can be found in a classical palace in Milan, showcasing modern Dutch designer works. Within my design and especially within my colour choices I wanted to refer to this entanglement. Working with classical gold and a modern and fashionable soft pink shade.